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Walnut Creek and the more than 25 streams that flow into it from springs in the Preserve are all part of the Green River Watershed. Walnut Creek flows more than two miles through the Preserve. The large waterfall that stands at the southwestern corner of the tract is an eloquent symbol of the role that water plays here. At the eastern end of the 2,100-acre tract is a well stocked 4 acre lake, 20 feet deep at its dam. Trails along Walnut Creek and its tributaries connect these natural amenities and provide hours of hiking, jogging and riding opportunities.

All 50 miles of private trails are interconnected and link every homesite.
The four season climate in Polk County, North Carolina, is a healthy place for horses and people.
Horses enjoy the freedom to graze their own pasture while we enjoy watching them.
Home sites have amazing mountain views year round.
Homeowners in Walnut Creek Preserve care for their own horses in their own barn. There are no costs associated with common barns or other structures. Occasionally a dream of a white Christmas comes true at Walnut Creek Preserve.
Where the view of the Hickory Nut Gorge in winter's white is breathtaking.
Serenity Farm Lake takes on a different look in winter's rare snow.
The winterberry is one of more than 500 plant species identified in the Preserve, each with its own rhythm of life A blooming milkweed is the only plant the monarch butterfly will use to lay its eggs.
Many evenings, a sunset over the western mountains forces us to pause and enjoy.
The grass is lush and green.
This stargrass native, in the lily family, pops up on White Oak Trail in the early spring. The fun of taking children in the woods on a horse creates unforgettable memories for all.
In summer especially, Walnut Creek waterfall invites young and old alike to play in the water.
Our animals in the preserve - raccoon, fox, deer, turkey, the elusive bobcat - complement the plant life in the forest.
Pasture, woods and mountain views are visible everywhere in Walnut Creek Preserve.
An autumn ride surrounded by the glorious foliage of the Southern Appalachians is magical. Deer bound - and abound - in the forest and along pasture edges. Hunting is allowed for homeowners and their guests.
An autumn view across the Preserve to Sugarloaf Mountain provides a sense of the size of the Preserve.
The setting sun can stun us with its dramatic beauty.
Our climate gifts us with many days of blue skies in every season.
A late afternoon ride, weaving in and out of the many streamside trails, gives us a perfect end to the day, in every season. Walnut Creek Preserve contains 25 tributary streams that feed Walnut Creek.
Walnut Creek flows for more than two miles through the Preserve.
Serenity Farm Lake is stocked with fish and offers swimming and canoeing as well as fishing.
Bob and Babs Strickland and all WCP homeowners invite you to consider joining us.